Thursday’s Tech

This has been a very busy week for me. I have been painting the dash and parts for the convertible, trying to fit the hood on the 33 and looking for a sedan delivery. I received a call from Frank and he told me of a delivery that was coming up for sale soon. I don’t know much about it, but I am going to view it this weekend. This will be number 15 I have located over the past two years so I am not holding my breath. More on Monday.

My good friend in Sonoma, Gary, sent me some pictures of his very detailed wiring and dash installation for his 37 Woody. Gary builds some very nice cars and has been at the Woody for several years. He virtually started with a pile of you know what. Have a look at how great it has turned out. Patience is a strong virtue when doing wiring and detail work. Gary has done this a time or two before.

Have look!

Stay Tooned!


Painless wiring panel with accessories. Note neatness of wiring.


More of the same showing routing.


Dash wiring complete as a sub-assembly. Neatness counts.


Radio, Secret Audio, hidden in glovebox.


Finish dash in Woody with 40 heater box. Looks great!



My 3 window in Steve Davis’s shop in the 80’s before going to Boyds. Story tomorrow.

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