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July has turned into a scorcher in the LA valleys.  Temperatures in the high 90’s are a daily event and I don’t like it.  The pace of my old body has slowed down to a crawl and I need to be speeding into my projects.  I had planned to finish painting the transmission but when it is 80 in the morning I don’t like to shoot acrylic urethane. The weatherman doesn’t see any relief for a few days so I think I will make a few road trips and look at a couple of cars.

I received some comments on yesterday’s K-member, T5 installation, and they were asking about the later Tremec transmission with the stock K-member.  I did a quick check and came up with one Roy Brizio is doing on a tudor sedan.  Three pedals are popular today and have always been fun to drive, especially if you can downshift on the freeway without having to grind that old 39 box.  I am prefer automatics but when I am feeling good, it still excites me to run through the gears on acceleration and deceleration.  The S-10 unit is relatively inexpensive and makes a good transmission for a hot rod.  The Tremec is a wonderful transmission but somewhat costly for most. Gary at Cornhusker’s offers a nice adapter that makes the installation a snap.  If you want to keep that K-member and use a five speed it is not difficult to do.  I have some more examples to show you.

I have shipped all the T-shirts I had available and will have additional inventory in a week or so.  Thanks to all of you who responded and wear them proudly to support hot rods.

Stay Tooned!


Brizio does excellent work and this example of the Tremec installed keeping the K-member shows the modification to the chassis.  The rear legs are a required addition when adding hp to the chassis.

A modification to the Deuce cross brace will be required for the second hump.

Here is a good look at how the stock K-member was modified to fit the larger transmission.

If you prefer the early stock look this is the setup for your ride.  The transmission works good but is not for freeway traffic on the I-5 and 100 degree weather.  If you don’t have a set of stock pedals they make repos.  Real Deuce pedals are real pricey. ($300 +)

If you prefer something more modern but traditional in looks this SO-CAL chassis works well with just about any transmission.  I like the old stuff but this is far less expensive and bolts together as you acquire $$$.  A four speed makes for a nice smooth shifty unit behind that Hemi.

IRS started it all and is still the best in my mind.  Here is a modified K-member for the 5 speed.  Looks factory.

For old guys that like the automatics but prefer the stock look you couldn’t ask for anything more than this.  All hand formed and beautiful.  Note stock frame next to this one. $$$$

I don’t know if these are still available but they simply bolted to your stock Deuce K-member and rear fender bolt holes.  Nice work!

If you want to avoid the work required to bring a stock frame back to life this is the way to go.  Ionia Rod Shop chassis is a work of art and will set you back a few bucks but the end result is worth it.  Now for that good Deuce VIN *18-XXXXXX!

Today’s Forty Sedan….Dreaming!

Bob is turning out some nice sedans these days.  I thought this was his keeper but it has been sold and will be coming to Tim for some additional work.  Note AC lines and solid front axle.  Yes!

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