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The wife left early this morning for Boston, so I have the next few days to get something done. I need a lathe for many projects, but I do not have one. The next best thing is a good friend who has one. Bob has a tool for everything, so I headed over to his shop to bore a 3/4 in hole in my steering column bushing. We used a new 3/4 mill bit and the Delrin material cut like butter. While I was there I took some pictures of his Model A roadster that he is building. His current project is the 3 piece hood filled full of louvers. The pattern took several hours to complete but is perfect. A Dan Fink mounting kit was used and is highly recommended if you want a slick operation.

Making my own steering column mount and column modification was fun and not very difficult. Here are some photos of the process and pieces. The only hard part was boring a straight hole through the Delrin. A lathe makes that easy… as my drill press doesn’t always drill without walking a little.

Stay Tooned!

Get out in the garage and get something done.



40 column modified to fit in roadster. $50 item on ebay. Fit fine with a little off the bottom.


Lower section with bushing, shift lever and cap.


I made a Delrin bushing for the end. Bushing will be pressed in and held in place with 2 10/32 button heads.


While in Bob’s garage I though I would show you pictures of his Model A roaster. He is doing a pattern for the hood which is a lot of work. Rootlieb is the hood manufacturer for this project. Just send them your patterns and $750.


Top of hood showing louver lay out. Retro louvers are being used to match his Forty hood.


The roadster uses a 32 Ford windshield frame made by Brookville. Nice touch.


Here you can see the Deuce shell and Kugel front suspension. This is going to look nice when done.


Bob shortened the rear fenders by 4 1/2 inches to match the rear pan. The rear is a Jaguar independent unit.

Dreaming x 2


Deuce Phaeton Hiboy. Gary wouldn’t let me feature this car yesterday. I like it a lot. I am a sucker for 4 door convertible sedans and Phaetons.


From the Jalopy Journal a nice start and perfect stance on a 5 window coupe.

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