Thursday’s Teardrops & Tie Rods

I am having trouble with my WordPress site and don’t know how to correct it. The message you see at the top is strictly my doing not your computer. It seems they have changed the PHP which I was not aware of until last week. My computer genius son is trying to resolve the issues so as I always tell you – Stay Tooned! Meanwhile, I will continue to post the photos and hopefully he will help me make it work again as it has for the last 8 years. Has it been that long? I guess I am here to stay. 

Our Malibu Picnic Cruise is scheduled for next week and hopefully we will have some nice weather. I read where an automotive journalist thinks cruising PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in a roadster (convertible) is one of man’s most enjoyable moments. There is something about the sound of the waves washing against the sand, combined with the fresh ocean air and sunshine beating down on your face, that makes it exciting. Wind blown hair and sunburned faces are the true badges of honor that roadster drivers endure to live the dream. The recent tours that came across the country to the LARS experienced much more inclement weather than we ever have in LA but the smiles on their face told the whole story. Yes, the “I drove” was obvious and envious for some of us. Pepe and I are happy to be included with the “Roadster Boys” and look forward to another adventure along the coast.

I have been able to keep the flame burning by making some parts for another friend of mine. It seems he liked the teardrops I make to attach to the hairpin rod ends. I always used them with the rod ends from P&J but now he wanted me to make some for use with tie rod ends. I am not a big fan of using tie rod ends on hairpins or bones but they are popular on today’s hot rods. The stainless steel units are really ascetically beautiful so I agreed to make a set for him. The biggest concern was making a through frame bung that could be used in a boxed frame. I saw a set from Rjays that looked sort of what I had in mind so I set out to make a prototype. I am not done with the project as of today but I have the parts made and finished welding them this morning. The teardrop will be chromed as seen on the Spencer and Simard roadsters. I just think they look good and on a model 40 take your eye away from the upswept cowl reveal. I am keeping busy and out of the “Office” doing these projects which is one of my goals this year….stay busy.

Enjoy the ride in your roadster this summer.

Stay Tooned!


The Teardrop project consists of a SS tie rod, spindle taper bung, P&J bushing and a teardrop. The end on the tie rod is for bones only.

The completed unit would look like this only chrome plated or polished stainless. My question is the tensile and compression strength of the tie rod adequate for the forces of the front suspension?

The bung simple welds into the frame rails. These units are for an unboxed 34 chassis. Access is easy including cotter key. Tubing is 1 3/8′ O.D. x .125 and allows the use of a 3/4″ socket.

You can see the Teardrops on the end of the P&J rod ends in this photo. Simple to make and catch your eye.

Here is a close up of the finished product using the P&J rod ends. I think the tie rod is more attractive but that’s me.

Cory sells these extensions to mount the drag link ends if you prefer the 40’s style look.

Here is a set that have been chromed and also catch your eye. The tie rod stud bung must be welded in to the chassis so it is rigid. There are lots of moving parts in this set up.

The back side of this 34 chassis shows the tubing bung that holds the tie rod (stud) in place.

Walden incorporated the early tie rod ends to some hairpins for a new look on this slick coupe.

Narrowing the 40 housings is not difficult using 9″ Ford housing ends. I think you would just remove the 2 inches and reinstall the stock housing end with the hanger included. I don’t know if the stock housing has a sleeve but I could make one to restore the strength.

Once trued in the lathe simples insert you alignment bar or in this case a clamp with thread rod. Deep penetrating TIG welding is preferred.

I am also making some rear tail light brackets that incorporate 37 ford tail lights.

SO-CAL offers a kit to do the same thing and they are polished stainless. I need a set of these.

Orange exteriors and Deuce sedans go together like red and Deuce roadsters do.

Michael had Roy build him this stunning Red Roadster and he is having fun. Note the rod end covers on the hairpins.

Today’s Fat Girls!


Mr. Bob had a Stoker built convert that was a very nice riding car. While large in size, they are a real pleasure to drive if set up correctly.

Ruby was my favorite and we had lots of good times driving her to the events. Mr. Bob also purchased this one from me in 2004.

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