Thursday’s Sedans

Eighty degree weather in December makes me feel great. I had a fellow come and look at the roadster today and I am keeping my fingers crossed as he seemed very interested (don’t they all) so maybe he will “be back”. I am a typical salesman I have all ready spent the money and the deal is not done. I had given up on finding a nice sedan body to fit on my new SO-CAL chassis and decided I would concentrate on just finishing Andre. (Smart move). Now I am hot for a hiboy sedan again. This is fun isn’t it? I found a couple on Craigslist tonight but they did not pan out so tomorrow I will make some more calls.

Bob O called and he too found another car that he really likes. I think the sickness stays with us until we go to the big rod run in the sky. I am happy to have such a passion for old Fords. I have friends all over the world that I share the passion with through this web site. I am also on Facebook which connects me to many car enthusiasts throughout the world. The internet makes communication easy and quick.

I sent out my Christmas cards today which seems “Old School” to me but I still do it. Each year I receive more electronic Xmas cards than the previous years. Change (not the Obama kind) is a good thing in my mind.

Stay Tooned and Happy this time of year!


This seems to be the normal on the HAMB but I like them and would settle for something like this.

Henry’s is what I really like and the boys at Custom Auto can build you one for a cool $125-50K. Out of my league but I like them also.

Mike put this one together on the HAMB for all of us to watch and drool. I saw this one at this year’s LARS and it is very nice and not for sale.

Ohio residents can build the look better than most. This primered hiboy has receive lots of ink in the magazines.

Early stages of the SFSS showed all of us that Chris has the talent and eye to build a show stopper Bonneville sedan.

Medium Cabernet Red (78 Ford truck code 2h) is a super color for a hiboy sedan or coupe. I understand the Chrysler Crimson Red is also a great non-metallic maroon color for a coupe or sedan.

Hiboy sedans don’t have to be fancy to be cool. Primer works well and use your imagination to make it yours. Finding a decent body is difficult but not impossible. I have found them in the $10-15K range frequently. They all need metal work and patch panels but I can do that.

It is all about the motor and the chop that make a sedan hiboy different. I want a small baby Hemi…Red Ram for sure.

Rex sent along some build photos of the super sedans they build in Colorado at Custom Auto.

Today’s sedan…dreaming!

Rex had a hand in this one and it is one of the most recent to come out of Colorado. A 409 engine makes it a “Bad Boy”.

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