Thursday’s Sedan Deliveries

My recent post on Fordbarn provided several good leads for a sedan delivery. I have been looking for over a year and have yet to find one I would purchase. I guess I am fussy when it comes to the condition of the sheet metal, but I know they are out there so I continue to search. A local car turned up which a friend of mine went to inspect and was reported to be in good condition except for some body rust and bad quarter panel rust. I know what my body feels like after 70 years, so I should expect the delivery to be a little blemished. Long story short, the car sold immediately and I was sent pictures of the car to view. I thought I would purchase one like this, but then the phone rang and one from Ohio, with a Lobeck chassis, etc. was offered and I am awaiting pictures and details. It turns out Charlie who owns the car is a fellow GM employee who has had the car for many years and has decided to sell.

How long do you continue to look before you just purchase a coupe and be happy? I think I am there if Charlie’s car doesn’t meet my expectations. Coupes are more plentiful and about the same price to purchase so why not give one a try.


Still searching for the delivery.

Stay Tooned!


Yellow one from back East, I met owner this year in Pleasanton


Edelbrock’s 40 at this years Fathers Day Roadster Show. My old one built by Roy Brizio


Local car on ebay. Car did not make reserve either time it was listed.


Green delivery from Florida, sold on ebay for $31K. Bruce Johnson has on his site for $48K


Very nice stock 41 in Florida. Sold before I could get details.


Lou in Idaho has nice 41 that needs some assembly.

Sneak Peek


Very nice owner built 40, axle car with the right stance. Folkstone gray, maroon interior, SBC, auto, 8 inch

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