Thursday’s Roadsters

Hot today in LA. I have been busy all day loading the truck for the swap meet. Every year I secure a swap space to allow me to have a place to hang and sell a few parts. The line will be long, but the fun is walking up and down the line to see what is available in the back of the trucks and trailers. I have made some good buys over the years.

Roadsters are everywhere and I have a hard time keeping my mind on what I am supposed to be doing. You can’t get in until 10:00 am, but somehow many people are set up long before the swap spaces are open. Setting up is the most fun. You will sell stuff before you have a chance to unload it, which means you were asking too little. You sometimes will see your part on Saturday for twice what you sold it for. Isn’t this fun?

Here are some roadsters from the LA area that are real nice.

No more blog until Monday! Lots of good pictures and stories about the Fathers Day Swap Meet and Show.

Stay Tuned!



Don Small’s beautiful 33 roadster Hiboy, highly detailed


Very period interior on Don’s racer


New Brookfield made to look old… Nice job… Pre-war look


Walt Baynes High Tech Boyd Deuce…built by Craig Naff at Boyds


Rear of the hand built Deuce…Full independent suspension…Rides Great


Roy Brizio built Deuce for clothing designer Massimo…Note Deuce Woody

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