Thursday’s Rain

We don’t receive a lot of rain in LA so I can’t really complain, but it is really raining today. The big concern is if it is going to spoil our day on Saturday at Nick Alexander’s Woody show and swap. I think most of us will go as the good stuff is always inside the buildings not on the streets. Such decisions make one wonder what is really important in life. My wife even wants to go to see the Woody’s. She doesn’t like rain so I may get lucky. Long Beach is Sunday if I don’t make it to Nicks. This is the place to live if you love cars.

My friend in Oregon sent me some pictures of his friends 39 convert that really looks cool. I saw the car at the GNRS but really didn’t have time to look at it. He promises more pictures soon. Gary in Sonoma is having his Woody upholstered and sent along a nice picture. This has been a 5 year project for Gary and it turned out super. Mr. 32, George is building his frame for his sedan delivery so I had better quit writing and get out in the garage.

Stay Tooned!



Super 39 convert custom. Nice profile and stance.


Front view showing dechromed hood and trim.


I love pinstriping on a car of this style. I used to have my trucks at the dealership pinstriped and they sold great.


A nice Winter project. The chopped real deal 3 window… you would need a bailout check to purchase…even in this economy.


Gary’s 37 at Ace High’s upholstery shop in Santa Rosa. A very nice young man with lots of talent. He used to work for Sid.


George’s, Frantic Fred built beautiful red 40 coupe. Car was in the shop for some adjustments and more shiny stuff.



My neighbor’s delivery. He keeps it spotless and drives it when not racing or driving his Ferrari.


George is trying to sell his 40 delivery if any of you are interested. Check Craigslist in Orange County. Nice car with dropped axle, stock dash and Glide seat, etc. Needs white walls and steel wheels to be perfect.

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