Thursdays Notes

I received a nice email and photo from Ron Cogswell in New Mexico concerning his roadster he drove in the PRC Reliability Run a few weeks ago. This car was finished just prior to the run and performed great. Here is a list of parts he used.

Original 32 Ford roadster with 57 Chevy 283, 39 trans containing a 25 tooth LZ gear set, LZ Columbia rear axle and lots of work. He won the Presidents Choice award. Congratulations Ron.


Ron’s very nice “Real Deal” 32 hiboy winner of the Presidents Award.


I believe this is Frank Currie’s, of Currie Axle fame, 34 roadster. Nice car, black plate.
The PRC really brings them out of storage. Keep it up guys.


These old dropped axles are worth a fortune to this crowd. Try to find one for under $700.


Another choice little 29 hiboy had these SO-CAL fake covers over his disc brake set up. I kind of like the look. Pricey brakes from SO-CAL.



The Donut Shop crowd. Dick’s very nice 40 Convertible with a Carson Top. He has had this car for a few years and keeps upgrading it to look old. Keep going Dick. Dropped axle next!


Carson Top redone in Tan rather than Black. Hand made from steel tubing.


Interior is a little modern but very comfortable to drive. Dash is next. Dick is a Bob Drake dealer, so watch out.

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