Thursday’s Driving Deuces

Just a quick update of day one at the Petersen Deuce Week. My friend Dave braved the cold weather and took some great photos of his adventures on the coast. He had a great time and visited some neat automotive collections. I am headed there this morning so here is the update on the 80th anniversary of the Deuce.

Stay Tooned!


The lower structure is a little dark for pocket camera’s but you can see the early line up of cars ready for tour one. Dave’s is the cream hiboy.

A nice 3 window was also waiting in the staging area. No details but looks nice.

For Dick I included an old time 5 window that I will look up today.

Roadster owners are really something. Notice no tops and lots of clothing for the chilly ride up the famous PCH through Malibu. Dave is driving and shooting photos. Is that like texting?

It is a very short drive to the coast from the Petersen and now they are spread out on the beautiful coast line. Dave’s 40 dash shows up well in these photos. Chop is about 4 inches or more.

Yes, it was cold but lots of fun on the tour route. Note the Deuce in the rear view mirror. Dave loves hot rods as much as I do. We grew up together in Decatur, IL in the 50’s & 60’s.

All ended well in the Museum with lunch and lots of great cars to see and people to talk to. This is really living life in style.

Thanks to the Petersen for organizing this special event for us Deuce lovers.



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