Thursday’s Deuces and Forties

I have been busy today working on getting my Quickchange assembled. I had to have the differential machined and fit to the old Halibrand case. This is not a hard job, but requires a competent machinist who wants to do the work. I will show some results tomorrow on Tech Friday. Following are some more Deuces and Forties….the perfect pair.

Stay Tuned!



Hot Rod 40 convert, SBC hooked to the stock driveline


Black 40 coupe with louvers, steelies, dropped axle…right on!


Very nice Tudor with the right stance and plenty of room for the guys. This would make a nice NSRA lunch ride.


Lobeck built 32 roadster. You can always tell his cars by the super stance and look

Sneak Peak


My favorite hiboy Deuce sedan, GNRS 2006

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