Thursday’s Deuce

I just got back from the Hospital where I am going through my annual physical and a message was on my computer about a very nice 5 window that is for sale. I know the owner of this car and wondered why she had sold it or maybe it was a scam. I called her and she said they had just sold it to a friend and he sold it right away to someone back East. I think they call that flipping in the house business. I sure wish I had known about the car, as it is my kind of car….a driver with a mint body. I will be short as I am headed over to Hollywood Hot Rods to see the open house for the Goodguys group.

Have a look at the coupe.

Stay Tooned!



Jan’s 5 window coupe, 2 inch chop, Artillery Wheels, DF chassis, 350/5 speed. WOW!


Rear view showing Pontiac taillights and coilovers. Carl at DF built chassis.


Lincoln dash panel with Mexican blanket Glide seat. What happened to the original?


Lucky kid. Jeffs son who is a real hard core Deuce fan….someday! Save your money. $55K



Ray from Ohio built this beauty a few years ago. Ray does it all.


If you like fenders this is Bob’s super nice flatty powered 5 window.

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