Thursday’s Deliveries

Delivery number three has been located and I have pictures to share with you. A very nice lady named Lynn, great name, has sent me some pictures of her delivery that she drove every day for over 20 years. It looks a little rough, but could be restored. I have included some pictures in today’s post. I will try to go see it when I return next week.

Just a quick note on Lou’s very nice 41 delivery. The car was on the cover of Hot Rod in 1975 and through the article written by Tom Medley I was able to locate the original builder and the complete history of the car. I will share that story next week. Meanwhile, Lou is in heavy snow in Utah.

I headed to the Bay Area to see my children and attend the car show that starts the season. I should have plenty of pictures next week to share with you, so…

Stay Tooned and Warm!



Three Sedan deliveries in 3 days. This one is in hiding waiting to be restored. A little rough but worth the effort maybe.


I have to purchase the one. Lyns 40. Wow! Note 40 standard hood, not a 41 delivery hood.


Still hiding behind all those parts. Might be worth the trip as she has several more 40 Fords.


Inside shot showing 41 rear door. How did I know this?



Nice 33 Tudor for sale on Jalopy Journal. All stock.

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