Thursday’s Bare Metal Cars

The Doctor said “looking good, four more weeks”, will this ever end? I like bare metal cars and stories about people who create these masterpieces. If you have any pictures of bare metal projects, please send them to me. Those of you who know me, know that I really appreciate metal craftsman and super TIG welders. I think that is due to my engineering background and hanging around Boyds for a lot of years. Craig Naff who worked for Boyd in the eighties was one of the best. He works out of his shop in Virgina.

Here are some bare metal beautys!

Stay Tooned!



Don Small’s new Deuce, louvered deck lid, Nice! This will be a nice car when done.


Tom’s 33 3 window at Brizio’s, my style, Lincoln brakes, Buick drums, axle, etc.


Perfect 39 coupe. This is the way to start a project. $$$ when done with documentation.


Lime Works very special Deuce, with Hemi, QC, real deal body, Steve does nice work.


Creative Concepts Deuce, another real craftsman with many talents.

Sneak Peek

Local Good, Bad and Ugly 40 pickups, not the owners

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