Thursday and Friday’s Thoughts

A friend of mine called and asked me for some advice on purchasing a new crate motor. I am not an expert but have sold crate motors from the time they were called Goodwrench motors. I sincerely believe in crate motors rather that building a used core. I have done both and it is faster and more economical to purchase one of the many crate motors available. I don’t believe in used crate motors as you never know how much they have been bored, but a new GM block is a great way to secure an engine for your ride. After a lot of discussion, my friend stepped up to the 383/425 hp motor. Now you are talking. Frantic put one in a 40 coupe and it flat out goes down the road in style. Whatever you choose make sure you break it in properly or all will be to avail.

Today’s feature is a sweet little 29 hiboy I have been seeing around the city. Very nice…

Lets look!

Stay tooned!



Sandy’s Muffler shop special. Deuce frame and 29 body…the real deal.


Driven on the street this is a great racer for Friday and Saturday nights.


Unusual dash 37? in a 29. Doesn’t look bad. 40 wheel and 39 box…right on.


No reveal on the home made hood. Note big louvers and “Houdy” shocks.


Nice natural aluminum Quick change with A spring.

Today’s ride…Dreaming!


Yes, another sedan in a pretty setting. Chopped 4 inches and looking bad.

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