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Starting my career with GM in the early 60’s provided me with a lot of opportunities to meet people who loved Hot Rods. Detroit had always been my dream city to live and work in. Little did I know that Detroit was not the place to live, but the suburbs were fine. My wife and I rented and old house and made several new friends who were into cars. One of my best friends was John Fletcher from Canada. His wife worked for GM, so we had something in common. John likes old rare parts and has quite an extensive collection. He sent me some pictures of his 34 Cabriolet he has been building for a while. Have a look at the soon to be completed car. The roadster with the SOHC Ford is his close friend George who visits me often. The car has been driven everywhere and is super fast.

Thanks John for the pictures and memories of my Detroit days. I had Deuces, (3 & 5 windows) and a 34 Ford sedan delivery as my daily driver. Life was good. John had every part you could ever want for a Deuce and still does.


Stay Tooned!

John Fletcher from Canada


George and John in their Hot Rods years ago.


John’s Cab prior to Paint. Nice looking profile of a rare car.


Side shot of painted Cabriolet. Two tone is neat and old timey.


Front shot of the car going together. This is the fun part. Everything fresh and clean.


Chevy engine is a standard issue for GM employees with an old Ford.


Note the red tank and wheel wells. This will be a full fendered car with red highlights. Nice touch.



Lemon’s Deuce at Bonneville this year. Complete story tomorrow. Steve’s orange 3 window has California history.

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