The Windy Phaeton

I am getting ready to watch game 6 of the Dodgers/Astros game and keep my ear open for the Trick or Treaters at the door. This should be a long night for me who calls bed time 8:00PM. We talked at our Tuesday luncheon about Ford Phaetons and the tight seating arrangements in the 32-37 models. Having owned a couple of 32 Wescott Phaetons with the set back front seat I hadn’t tried my friends 34 which he drove to lunch. I did set in the front seat and yes, it is too short for my 6’1″ frame. I mentioned to one of our fellows who was asking about a 37 Phaeton that the seat can be moved back in all of them by unbolting the front seat back and moving in back the desired amount.The procedure is quite common but does require some added bracing be added. I drove Steve’s Phaeton with a stock seat and was very uncomfortable for trips over 50 miles. Wescott sent me the new seat back and I changed it out which solved the problem. We all agreed we liked the look of the Phaeton, but the wind in the back seat is not very pleasant for the rear seat passengers. The lack of secure storage space is also a concern but can be solved by and under seat compartment—both front and rear.

Considering all the above, we all agreed a Phaeton would be a nice additional to our garages. Gordon has a 37 Phaeton on the line and hopefully we make the deal in the near future. My self, I would prefer the 39 convertible sedan as my choice for a more comfortable ride. Dave’s 34 is a very attractive ride also and he has driven it across country several times over the years. Side curtains help a bunch but he is a true “tough guy” when it comes to roadsters/Phaetons. Not for everyone, but for some they are the ultimate open car.

Have you considered a Phaeton for your next build?

Stay Tooned!


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This is supposed to be Wescott # 1 and it is still going strong, no cracks and solid door fits.

Just sold was this beautiful Deuce built by Pete Eastwood.

Boyd could take a sedan and build a Tudor Phaeton for Larry Murray.

My old one built by Steve was lots of fun for Jane and I.

I like hiboy Phaetons like this one. Plain Jane!

Interiors are tight but attractive.

I love this view going down the freeway.

This was Bob Drakes when he was a youngster in LA.

A one-off creation of a Tudor Phaeton.

My favorite hiboy is the Wescott beauty with the laid back windshield.

The 36 is a favorite of many people and you can see why with this simple but effective Phaeton.

I also went to look at this one a few years for a friend. Very nice with a super stance.

I have seen this one and it is really well built and the resto-rod theme is carried out throughout the build.

Gordon is looking at a 37 Phaeton for his next ride. The one looks good to me.

Another 34 Phaeton with minor modifications is a well know tub in the LA area.

My favorite Fat Jack phaeton is this one from many years ago.

The convertible sedan makes a super cruiser that you don’t see many of at the show.

Jack set the bar real high with this one and it made the cover of TRJ.

The wood grained dash with modern gauges and a/c make driving a dream.

The rear end is handsome and has ample trunk space.

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