The Tale of Two Deliveries

It is always nice to see a project you sold completed by the new owner. So many times the project just passes through several owners before it is completed. As you may recall, I had a 1941 sedan delivery that I found in a storage yard and drug it home. The project had been sitting for over 20 years covered up with storage fees being accumulated all that time. I paid the fees and I had myself another sedan delivery project. The owner’s name was Andre so that is what I called the delivery. I worked on it for a year or so and had an opportunity to become the caretaker of another delivery that my neighbor owned. I sold Andre to a former GM employee who finished it in a first class style.Bob was retired like myself and was looking for another project since completing his 46 Ford. We struck a deal and off Andre went to Nashville, TN.

The finished project took about 3 years and the end result was outstanding. I am so happy that “Andre” was saved from the crusher. I know if you have a vision and stick to your plan you can turn, a seemingly piece of junk, into a piece of art. Congratulations Bob and your team who made it a reality. Bob is my age so this is an excellent way to keep you busy in retirement. He will be driving Andre to the Goodguys in Nashvill — have look and say hello from Pewsplace.

Have a look in your local storage lots and see if your next project is waiting for your dream Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!





Here is how I located Andre and the wife thought I was crazy to buy such a piece of junk


I soon had the project home in my garage and Andre brought me all the pieces he had stored in his home. The neighbors thought I should keep the garage door closed.


I soon had the car mocked up on a jig I made and found the body was in great shape — just surface rust.


When the HOA wasn’t looking I moved it outside to have a better look.


I had the chassis finished when Pepe became available from my neighbor.


Jane said she much preferred Pepe over Andre.


Bob flew in for the LARS and became the new owner.


Bob did a full restoration including replacing the floors where needed


Luckily the rear door was in decent shape and was complete.


Bob added the wood rear floor plus access to the gas tank. Beautiful job!


A new crate motor with Inglese EFI was a big decision and expensive but they work super.


Andre is now finished and standing tall. The color is the original color and you could order black fenders.


Bob liked the Inglese so well he choose the set-up for Andre. I need those air cleaners.


Bob wood grained the dash and kept the stock instrument panel. Some say the 41’s had a wood grained dash.


The interior is absolutely outstanding. Note the 41 rear door and wood flooring.


Craig took some great photos of Pepe at the Early Times run.


I added the front bumper, a new exhaust system and began driving. Thanks Walt!

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