The Summer Begins


Memorial Day weekend is always the start of the summer for most of us. We celebrate to recognize those who served and those who gave all for our country. BBQ’s, adult beverages and good times are shared with family and friends throughout this great country of ours. Local parades, which includes Hot Rods in many cities, are part of the celebration with pretty ladies riding on your highly waxed paint. Our family has always enjoyed this weekend and now that Jane and I are without family close by, we tend to go the beach and enjoy the day driving our Hot Rod. We have lots of Hot Rods cruising PCH on this Memorial Day weekend so it should be fun.

I spent the morning trying to polish my Halibrands with one of those Mother’s polish balls that a friend gave me. I didn’t have much luck with the system but I may not be doing it properly. The wheels are dull due to sitting for a couple of months waiting for the back door to come back from paint jail. I think I need to try a different aluminum polish like Semi-Chrome that Bob-O suggested. I will stop by the motorcycle shop tomorrow  and pick up a tube. I don’t have a lot of chrome on the engine but I tried using Mothers on the manifold and I didn’t like the results. I am not one who likes a tarnished look to aluminum pieces. I like to shine and shine it will when I find the correct polish. For those of you who have owned Magnesium wheels, you know what a pain it is keeping them shiny. I had 5-spokes on my Corvette in college and only the outside rim was polished but they were still a job to maintain in the IL winters. Later on I became a Halibrand nut and loved the Magnesium ones which are impossible to keep up. I am thinking about changing to the steel wheels originally on Pepe and this may be the time to do the swap.

Take advantage of the holiday and drive your Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!


Happy Memorial Day


Remembering those who served and those who gave all for our safety!


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Here is the polishing ball from Mothers which I used with Mothers polish. Not very shiny to me!


Ray stopped by the Donut shop for a look around and some coffee.


I always liked the look of the Champ under the rear of 33/4’s.


He later picked up “Best of Show” in his beautiful 33 roadster hiboy. Congrats Ray!


Wayne is turning his hiboy into a full fendered ride for a different look.


The Vintage Trailer show was this past weekend in Pismo Beach.


Vintage Trailers and Cars go together and the event has a huge following.


Don pulled his Teardrop with his 41 Panel.


Moises has a nice Deuce Tub ready to go for the summer. (FB photo)


The 29 on deuce rails is always a winner. Note hood louvers.


Finished inside and now Steve can install on his chassis.


Steve’s Deuce Woody from Hercules is ready to be delivered.


Lou sent in some photos of a rare 39 Ford Deluxe sedan delivery.


Note the rear door differences in the two deliveries.


Happy owner’s of the deliveries posed for a going away photo.

Today’s Garage


Some of my readers really do have “Dream Garages” like this one shown above. The 61 Corvette was purchased in 64 and has been with Jim ever since.

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