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As the Mama and Papa song goes, “California Dreaming on a Winter’s Day,” so went our first Tuesday Trip to Summerland and the Santa Barbara Pier. We cruised up the scenic coast in near 80 degree weather and took advantage of the weatherman’s gift to the Roadster Boys in 2014. No jackets, no tops and no problems made it a perfect day to start off the New Year. We decided to add a new venue this year, the Santa Barbara Pier. We thought the tourists would enjoy seeing the roadsters and parking the cars on the Pier would be a nice change. Don also discovered an alternative to the Foster Freeze with the Pier’s ice cream parlor. We had some of the best ice cream in a long time. I am sure we will make this a regular stop on our trips this year. Jane was the only lady present but quickly found the shops were open and bought me an early birthday Woody hat. I am sure more ladies will attend next month as we pursue taking the fork in the road. The sight of a dozen roadsters rolling down the coast highway attracted lots of attention, several thumbs up, photographers and brought smiles to the drivers faces. Somehow all of your troubles go away when the wind and sun bless each roadster driver on his journey to enjoy his passion….. Living the dream!

We can all realize another fantastic event next week with the upcoming GNRS in Pomona. I have company coming and we will spend a few days doing some garage and shop crawls to see what is being built in the LA area. I am amazed that the hobby continues to support many of these smaller shops  as well as the larger ones with very talented personnel who make our dreams come true. If you are feeling cold and need a break, come to the GNRS and enjoy yourself in sunny southern California.

Take your roadster for a ride even if you just sit in the seat and do some “California Dreaming on a Winter’s Day.”

Stay Tooned!


A rest stop to take in the breathtaking view of the Pacific’s rolling waves. I am going to have to have a roadster someday to see what I am missing.

We were lucky to find parking on the street rather than the gravel lot across the street.

Lunch was delicious and we left room for some ice cream at Don’s request. The Summerland Beach Cafe is the place to stop.

On the Pier, we found the Ice Cream Parlor and proceeded to have our desert. Of course, being in Santa Barbara you can expect pay $6 bucks for a small cone…and that’s O.K. by me.

After desert, we walked the Pier and Jane checked out the many shops for bargains. Pepe is very low for the rough Pier boards with speed bumps but he survived.

Myron and Jane talk about the advantages of a delivery over a roadster. I don’t know who won.

The Pier is very clean and with the background of the mountains makes a perfect place to have desert or lunch in one of the many eateries.

Jane snapped this photo on the journey home which shows how calm the big Pacific can be on a warm California day.

Dave and I discussed a roadster with a little more room for the long trips and while he has a 34 tub he would like a full-fendered model 40.

Another option, which Dave also owns, is a nice 40 rag sitting by the Pacific. I love both of the above examples of topless cars but a true “Hot Rod” to me will always be the Deuce hiboy roadster with limited space, marginal comfort and outstanding curb appeal.

Today’s Roadster Dream!

Dick (one of the roadster boys) had a dream in 1970s and built his roadster in his garage and it is still going strong. A Wescott body (remember those) and a Deuce Factory frame, built by the then young Carl Fjastad, served as the foundation that has stood the test of time. Dick has over a 100,000 miles on his car and is ready for many more.

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