The Race Of Gentleman

The Race of Gentleman comes to Santa Barbara this weekend for some legal street racing by the beach. We are excited to have the event so close to us this year. Early flathead powered Hot Rods and motorcycles will be headquartered at the Hilton and racing on the streets on Saturday. I have a few friends who will be racing their cars and I plan to attend and watch them run. The event kicks off on Friday night with a party at the Hilton.

Santa Barbara has a long history of Hot Rods running the streets back in the 50’s and should attract a lot of old timers like me plus some new young gear heads that enjoy building Hot Rods to race. Join in the fun and watch this epic event for Santa Barbara.

The flyer indicates the engines that are acceptable to race.
My friend and long time builders Tom and Justine Walsh are bringing their new roadster to race.

I have been having some luck selling some cars on so if you have one to sell please send me the information and I will list it for you. Never any charge for this service. As most of you know, the market for our style of cars has taken a back seat to the later model cars and that’s just a sign of the times and the age of the buyers who like these old cars. Don’t get alarmed, as there is always someone in the market for your car but maybe not at the price you are seeking. The exception car will always command a premium price but the average car certainly will not. I watch the market daily and keep track of transaction prices, not asking prices, as they sometimes can be a huge difference. Three months is the listing time and if you haven’t had any responses, you need to rethink your listing.

Stay Tooned!


I have had this super 39 Woodie for sale for over a year and no takers but it is worth waiting for the right buyer who appreciates a quality car.
A well dressed flathead is always something to behold when you grew up with these jewels of the Hot Rod age.
Stocker’s builds some nice Hot Rods and this example has stood the test of time.
Bill sent in his rare Deuce Sport coupe with highly detailed flatty.
A side profile really shows off the nice lines of the Sport Coupe.
Finding a 35K mile stocker is not easy to do but this showed up in my mail box.
The model 40 is my favorite Hot Rod.
Craig has been working on his chopped 40 truck for along time but it is coming out great.
Craig did a subtle chop on his cab to give it a better profile.
The T roadsters are really nicely done in this style.
Full interiors with race car buckets provided ample room for drivers.
The engine won’t qualify for the TROG but looks good for crusing to SB.
TROG friendly Phaeton would be a nice one to see this Saturday.
This basket case showed up in the mail and looks like a nice Woodie project pretty far along. Has the complete wood kit that goes with it. If anyone is interested let me know.
Gary built this one in the 80’s and still has it stored away in his garage.
Alan, turned my old blue into a nice chopped cruiser.
Certainly one of the first UPI coupes to be built was this Brizio built one for Vic. Headed to BC for Deuce Days.
Another  TROG bound roadster will be fun to watch race on Saturday.

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