The Petersen Museum

My grandson is seven and into cars. His desire was to visit the Petersen Museum while they were visiting us for the Holidays. I had not been to the new version so I was excited to attend with them. The Museum is about an hour away in Beverly Hills, CA on Wilshire Ave.

The Art Deco building is hard to miss and we were soon inside and on the tour. The initiate tour is three floors which are dedicated to special phases of the automobile. Each section is dedicated to a specific time in automotive history. They feature some collectors and their cars or motorcycles. Bruce Meyer had my favorite collection but the speed section was also very interesting.

Interactive displays and movies provided lots of entertainment for the children and me. Movie theme cars were also present throughout the floors to hold the attention of all ages. Disney Cars was a big hit with our grandkids. The lighting in the building was easy for taking photos with your iPhone.

We had a great time and purchased some items from the gift shop as a memory of a special family day.

Stay Tooned!


The Art Deco exterior is hard to miss consisting of stainless steel panels wrapping around the building.
The future of Hot Rodding depends on teaching the young ones about how engines work. Syd made this engine work.

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