The Other Deuce — 1940 Fords

Lots of rain today and I means lots of rain — like 3-4″. We certainly need it but it sure plays havoc with the drains and pool. I’m glad it’s the final football championship games today to keep me busy in between changing the pumps in the pool and yard. I have been concentrating on Deuces lately due to the GNRS show but haven’t forgot about Forty Fords. I receive a lot more mail about Deuces than Forties but I still keep them in my mind. As you know, my ride is a Forty sedan delivery that is currently being rebuilt with a new motor and some paint repair. The delivery has been down for three months due to some health issues and recovery time required to start working in the garage again. The knee is much better but still doesn’t bend like it should but I keep trying to keep it flexing.

All models of the Forty Ford are popular Hot Rod material. Over the years the coupe has been the number one selection of Hot Rodder’s but in the past ten years the sedan has gained on popularity. I believe the age of the owner, the roomy interior and availability made them more popular. They are a real bargain in our area both finished and stock. I have owned several sedans, deliveries, coupes and convertibles over the years but never a Woodie or truck. I guess a Woodie would be nice for a last project. Whatever model you like they all make wonderful Hot Rods without doing any body modifications. Just add power plant and suspension and you have a great driving Hot Rod. You can get by with the dropped axle but for a really good ride and steering the MII is the way to go. The cost is about the same for either set up. The only drawback is taking out the front crossmember but we are Hot Rodder’s aren’t we!!!

I know the Deuce is still king of the Hot Rods, but the Forty Ford is a consideration for your second Hot Rod. You will find yourself driving the Forty more and more…. believe me.


Stay Tooned!


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My favorite of all 1940 models is the convertible. I have owned three of them over the years and would like one more.

1940ford2 008

Topless is the best view of a convertible especially when sitting by the beach.


Customs used to be very popular but the stock look is more prevalent today. The Studebaker taillights were popular in my day.


Shaved hood and trunk, Appletons and Cadillac Sombreos were also staples on customs. A slight chop also adds flavor to the build.

40 Conv 008

The forty top needs some flattening to make it flow smoothly. This is a nice example of the flattened bows.

1940 ford 002

My friend Dave has his top chopped and bows flattened. He has owned this one for many years.


Several of my friends have sedans for the road trips and passengers. The standard model is popular with some people.


The deluxe model is the most popular at meets I attend.


Tim makes his sedan builds sit just like his coupes. He uses solid axles in his builds.

56 6-9-05 260

Jerry’s sedan was probably the most famous of sedans other than McCoy’s. Now being restored back to racing heritage.


If my ship comes in this would be my last project. CR Marks is offering these new for a $100-150K.


Veteran Forty builder, Tim has built many perfect Forties over the years. This Woodie was his first Woodie


Ford collector Bruce Meyer purchased this standard Woodie and had Roy go through the car.


This example sits really right for a Woodie. I jus need the cowl and floorpan.


Tim also did this sedan delivery in one of his favorite colors Folkstone Gray.


I have owned several deliveries of various years but the Forty has been my favorite.


Tim has built so many coupes I can’t keep track of them. His namesake color is Cloud Mist Gray (CMG).


Tim’s second later builds were done in the Folkstone Gray color which looks good on a Forty.

40 (2)

My friend Gary built this little coupe many years ago with just the right stance and color for a coupe.


Tom built his coupe in his Walsh Restorations shop and made a SRM feature.


The standard 5-spokes are preferred by many who own Forties.


Last but not least is the Forty pickup with the Hot Rod flavor added. A favorite of Hot Rodder’s and Deuce guys.

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