The Long Winding Road

Our first outing of the year proved to be a great one. We started off with more cars than ever before (15 + 6 from up north for a total of 21 roadsters, coupes, sedans and woodies. The LA Back Road Boys did the scenic route which turned into a 3 hour trip and a couple of stops. The weather was in the 70’s, the skies were blue, cloud free with the Pacific calling all roadsters to the coast. We saw some magnificent scenery and beautiful homes in the Montecito area. Oprah or Ellen weren’t home but we did spot their luxurious residents on the 192 highway. We were late to our luncheon with the Central Coast Roadsters, but they didn’t mind as the BeachHouse is a fabulous place right on the beach. Parking was ample and we were seated immediately thanks to Steve’s reservations. Jane did call ahead and tell them we would be late so all was perfect. Glen volunteered to give a tour of his car collection which was a short distance away.

Glen has an assortment of hot rods, restored cars and foreign cars — all of them very nicely done. The Deuce phaeton was a top 75 pick in 2007 and formerly a R&C cover car when owned by Richard Graves. We looked around and listened to Glen tell about each car and then it was time to head back down the PCH to take in some ocean views and beautiful roadsters flying down the road. Yes, it was another perfect day “living the dream” in California. I want to thank all of the participants for making our first outing of 2015 one to remember. We were blessed with a celebrity guest, Nigel, who is Eric Clapton’s road manager. Eric drove his fresh Brizio built roadster and had a good time with the group. Welcome aboard Nigel.

Next month will be something special again with a trip to Solvang and another private car collection. Green beer will be in order for the participants at a special Irish Pub.

A special thanks to Dick Duncan for his leadership and making it through the Long Winding Roads to Santa Barbara.

Stay Tooned!




Our first stop after a long winding road venture was at this lovely park. The ladies and Walt were discussing the trip.


Nigel was right ahead of us going through the countryside. The little roadster looked like it rode great with the solid axle front and coil-over rear.


Traveling through the scenic town of Ojai was special with all the spectators waving to the cars.


I highly recommend the BoatHouse at Hendry’s Beach. The view is breathtaking, the service fantastic and the food was excellent.


Our drivers were all smiles as the enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and some great food.


We had 30 people so we needed lots of tables. Steve was the banker and took care of the bill. He is such a nice guy.


After the big lunch we headed for Glen’s house and tour of his collection of cars. The weather was spectacular.


The Central Coast Roadsters arrived early and were able to park closer than the Back Road Boys. All of these cars are first class and driven regularly.


Glen has a great barn filled with cars. His forty sedan is one fine hot rod. He has a 40 coupe and 41 delivery included in his collection.


Pardon the cell phone photo (forgot my camera) but this a Top 75 pick for the 75th Anniversary of the Deuce in 2007.


His long time ride is this CMG 40 coupe which is his pride and joy. He has traveled all over in this coupe, even to Canada.

Wednesday’s Roadster


Jane and I loved this little “Orange” roadster with the tan Bop Top. We had seen it coming down the 101 several months ago and thought it was a good looking hiboy.

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  1. The only thing more fun than driving an old car is sharing the experience with those who are like-minded. Glad it all came together. Thanks for posting the photos. I was too busy telling stories to take pictures until people were driving away.

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