The Long Weekend of the LARS

Roadster Week has concluded and I had a wonderful time at this spectacular event. It all started on Thursday when TN Bob showed up to view Andre for the first time. He liked what he saw and Andre was happy with his new owner. We discussed the car for the rest of the weekend and Rick Powell, of Show Time Transportation, loaded the car today for the long trip to Nashville. I had the car ready so he was out of here in about 30 minutes. I highly recommend Rick for his communication skills during the transaction. I will miss Andre but Pepe now has the garage all to himself until something new arrives.

The 49th LARS was huge and organized very well this year with the roadsters parked more like they used to be. I did not see all of them but what I did see was impressive. The quality of the cars being built today has vastly improved over the years. The vendor building was packed with various parts for your hot rod and offered a cool place to rest for a spell. Something new was added this year in building 4. Several of the past AMBR’s were on display and offered a nice progression of the show car styles over the past. Niekamp’s roadster (1950) and Mumford’s roadster (2013) were the first and the last AMBR winners which means we have returned to our roots in style and thinking. The timing is right for the early hot rod look in today’s roadsters. Congratulations to the LA Roadsters for a wonderful Father’s Day present. I can hardly wait until next year which will be the 50th anniversary of the show. I will have a roadster to drive for sure as I want to be a part of the LA Roadster history. Make your plans today.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Father’s Day.

Stay Tooned!


Pepe and Andre were saying their goodbyes and wishing each other luck. The transformation for me was easy thanks to Terry, Jim and Walt but I will always remember the past four years of hard work I put in saving Andre from the crusher. TN Bob is planning his “next step” for Andre and will keep us up to date.

Bob now has the Key to Andre’s future and I am positive he will finish him a Southern Gentleman’s style.

Andre was safely loaded on Rick’s long trailer and will reach Nashville by Wednesday. Rick can be reached @

Our first stop on Friday was at The Early V8 Store in San Dimas. This is a must stop venue on your way to the Fairplex. Roadsters from all over the US stop in here to check out the best source for V8 parts on the West Coast. This old roadster was from AZ and certainly caught my eye.

On the other side of the coin was this beautiful looking SO-CAL style roadster from NM. Red roadsters do look good going down the road.

The Deuceguy from MN was also at the store when we arrived. Dale drives his Deuces and records his adventures on his blog —

A nice 34 from WI was also at the store and told of his mechanical problems on the trip. You don’t need to shorten you legs to ride in the model 40.

We left Bill’s and checked into the swap meet area where this perfect 3 window was for sale. The car was painted in a deep maroon and was flawless.

Reno, NV was well represented with a trio of model 40’s and a Deuce sedan hiboy. The Peckerheads always have the right stuff on their cars.

The swap meet was huge and included all the hard to find (and expensive) parts you need for your build. Prices were extremely high on most of the parts I wanted. Dave purchased an Auburn dash for an instrument panel he owns. I saw one fellow with three of them for sale.

Bob-O and I drove around the specialty parking area and stopped to look at this 46 convert. Pepe would fall in love with this lovely lady.

Pepe and Lucille finally got together for a love in at the 49th LARS. Steve has owned this sedan for many years and is more famous than McCoy’s.

The swap meet is the place to see the patina cars. This 36 had the look and kept Bob-O and I busy for a while.

Brizio’s booth was filling up early on Friday. The BAR’s were out in full force this year. Roy can build the Deuce roadster of your dreams.

The new UP 5 window looked good to me. Their were several of them for sale at the show. At $21,00, I think they should sell as I saw some real basket cases for that amount in the swap meet area. I would need to spend another $5,000 having the Kennedy Boys chop it 2 1/2 inches.

Just before we headed out on Friday, I ran into this very nice CMG 39 woody built by HR&H. I failed to see it again over the weekend but I really liked the fit and finish as well as the color.

Tomorrow’s Coverage!

The drive out in the early hours on Saturday was overcast but cleared up by the time we hit the Fairplex. Pepe can keep up with Bob-O but preferred to follow the skinny wheeled roadster with the hot 327.

Ryan had his just completed uncles roadster in his swap meet area. Gabe finished the interior this week. The car is a great rolling example of Ryan’s and Rick’s work. Lots of little details on the car make it stand out form the others.

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