The Final Week —Roadsters Arrive

We are in the home stretch for the Greatest Roadster Show on Earth. Roadsters and people are on the road to Pomona from all over the world. Domestic drivers are putting miles on their roadsters with some wonderful stops along the way. A few minor mishaps, but in general the old Fords are holding up on our less than perfect highway system. If you are planning on driving your Hot Rod, you better build it to survive our roads. A solid suspension with good shocks and a chassis that is built to withstand the beating it will take on the road is a prerequisite. Fluid lines are the most critical part that can be damaged while driving. Brakes lines, gas lines and water hoses must be routed properly so they do not fail when you hit a large bump or something in the road. Low cars tend to bottom out when a large dip or bump comes up at 70 mph. You don’t have time to slow down or avoid the interference and something may fail as a result. I know most all long haul drivers go through their cars prior to leaving so they avoid down time which can be costly on the road. I hope all of you make to Pomona safely.

Many drivers will arrive by Wednesday and enjoy some fantastic weather that is predicted. Saturday will be hot, as last year, so bring out the Sunscreen and wide brim hats to protect yourself. Drink lots of water and you will be just fine. Most of you have been here previously so you know what to expect — large crowds, 800 + roadsters, huge swap meet with high prices and lots of old friends waiting to say hello. The LARS  brings together enthusiasts who love the open roads and open roadsters to spend a few days enjoying life as a true car person. Put on your smile and relax it’s — Father’s Day in Pomona.

Long live the Roadsters!

Stay Tooned!


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These two roadsters have stopped at all the Border crossings for some photo opportunities. Enjoying life in a roadster is what the LARS is all about.


Hopefully just a stop and not a problem but the tow rope doesn’t look good. Is that you Dick and Rodger?


Love the photos with the helicopter in the background.


Dave captured this great photo with mountains in the background. Life is good!


Dick and friends stopped for a photo opportunity in Sedona, AZ.


The Northern route takes you through Utah which is also beautiful.


Locally, Frank is checking over his new roadster for the short trip to Pomona.


From Northern California, these two will be making the trip down to Pomona. I am getting excited.


This little roadster is back in CA and should find its way to Pomona from SLO.


The swap meet is always the place to be on Friday.


Who knows what Brookville will have on display.


I stopped by Bob-O’s to follow him to Pomona in his roadster.


I love to follow roadsters on the way to Pomona.


I always stop by Bill’s place for a few minutes to see who is there. I am smiling because of the great 34 roadster from Reno is there.


If you like patina Hot Rods you can see them at the V8 Store of California.


Old favorite of mine is this 33 of Ray’s. He has driven thousands of miles in this one. Even hit a deer and survived. You Gotta Drive ’em!


The Peckerheads always have a great display of traditional style Hot Rods.


Lobeck’s old Maroon roadster is now black and Bruce normally is driving it to the LARS.


My favorite view of a roadster is this one showing off the quickchange.

“Just a few who drove to the show”





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