The Countdown Begins — Roadster Week

As we approach the 51st LARS, those of us who enjoy roadsters start to plan our activities for the week. I plan to head to Pomona on Thursday to visit Stoker’s and stop by the Kennedy Boys who will be preparing for the huge swap meet. People from all over will be roaming the area stopping by to see what is going on in the LA area. I have been working on Pepe changing the oil, tightening the nuts and bolts, polishing the wheels and a performing a general cleaning of the undercarriage and engine bay. I have my list of items stored on my phone so all I need is a pocket full of cash and some good walking shoes. I always seem to find what I am looking for and for the price I am willing to pay. If the first person is too high, I continue on until I find the right deal. You will always locate more than one person who is selling your treasure. Expect prices to be sky high as after all — this is the LARS. The swap meet will take you at least all morning and they you can visit the 900+ roadsters parked near the vendor displays and between the buildings. Bring and extra battery for your camera as one will no be enough.

They are plenty of quality food vendors and liquid refreshments to keep you hydrated for the day as temperatures are predicted to be high. Sun screen  and a nice wide brim hat are a must if you are going to walk the swap meet area as there is very little shade to stand under. I hope to see many of you as I can. Pepe will be in the Specialty Parking Area so stop by and say hello.

See you in Pomona!

Stay Tooned!




Those old guys are on their way to LA and stopped by the Dirt Drags in CO to have some fun.


Boy does this bring back memories of my youth. Dirt drags with a female starter.


A beautiful sky overshadows the racers but you know they are having the time of their life.


The “Deuce Guy,” Dale and his son are in the group and looking for a place to eat. Dale is always hungry.


No, this is not going to be for sale at the LARS, but who knows what will show up. The owner has had this waiting for his attention for 34 years and is finally going to start putting it together with a flathead and shiny black paint. What a primo body he has to start with. I will keep you posted on this build from Canada.


Since I love the beach and Deuces, I had to include this classic R&C photo.


O.K., so I like 33’s better, especially this one with “as found” beauty.


Scott tells me he will have his sedan at SO-CAL showing off his new Champ rear end. This is my favorite Halibrand.


There will be plenty of early style roadsters at the show like the one shown above. Non-dropped axle sets it apart from builds today.

1932 ford hiboy tom's 004 (3)

Walt will be driving his original Potvin Deuce with the flathead mill for all to admire. Lots of history goes with this one.



Rich will have his beautiful Speed 33 in the swap meet area for any of you who want to save a lot of time and money on having your own built. Go to the RS site for full size photos of the build. His cell phone number is 949-531-8138 if you want his location in the swap area.


Bob-O is driving his coupe and getting it ready for the drive to Pomona on Friday.

Today’s Photo


Two of my long time favorites are Henry’s sedan and Larry’s roadster. Both owner built and beautiful. Ohio boys know Deuces!!!


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