The 1939 – 40 Woodie Wagon

The 1939 and 1940 Ford station wagons have always been one of my favorite wagons. I’m not sure why other than they are smaller than the 46-48 wagons and are more rare. The collectors also fine them attractive and often pay some serious money to own one. I know of two that are stored away and will eventually just rot away as the owners will not part with them. The following example and excellent photos came from Ken, a friend of mine who built this wagon many years ago. He repurchased it and refined his build.

Ford actually sold more 1939’s than 1940 models.

  • 1939 production was 10,872 units
  • 1940 production was 9,933 units
  • Both were offered in Standard and Deluxe

The appear to be similar but actually have a few differences.

  • Side headers are slimmer
  • Rear doors are hinged in the rear
  • 40 dash is different
  • Cowls are different
  • Grills are different
  • Hood trim is different
  • Steering wheel is a banjo type on a 39
  • Wheels are different on the 39 also.
  • Headlight surrounds are different

The following photos show the differences and how both have their talking points.

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A perfect photo of Ken’s 1939 Woody
The suicide door is obvious in this photo.
The rear view is a nice clean look on the 39.
Showing the slim roof line of the 39.
The beautiuful wood interior is what makes these pre 49 woodies exceptional.
A wood grained dash looks great in a 40 or 39 but the dashes are different.
Ken has owned some really nice cars over the years.
The 40 shown in the Deluxe and Standard styles.
Thi 40 Hot Rod Woody is a prime example of how we used to make them ours.
Bob’s front shows the big differences in 39 and 40 front sheet metal.
Bob’s rear showing slimmer roof line and suicide doors.
Nice 39 showing suicide doors, side hood trim, headlight buckets, grille and wheels.
A 39 dash is completely different than the 40 show above.
The stock 40 dash is not wood grained.

Saw this one this summer being restored. Wood is very expensive to have replaced in our area. This one had all original wood.
George’s 1939 Deluxe Woodie

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