I would like to thank all my readers for a great year and wish them the happiest Thanksgiving. This is a joyous time for family and friends to be thankful for all they have. Jane and I will be with our children for the Thanksgiving dinner and, of course, football. Go ahead and have the extra scoop of mashed potatoes and a second piece of pumpkin pie. Don’t forget the whipped cream on top.

Have a great weekend.

Stay Tooned!

Jane and Lynn

Alan built my old convert into an award-winning ride.
Ken has decided to put his Brizio built roadster up for sale. He keeps it immaculate as you can tell from the photo.
Bill built his dream roadster from a historic one he found.

A stop at the lake house for lunch.
Don built this Wescott beauty for his pleasure.
The 40 coupe has a lot of followers including me.
I am a fan of Phaetons like this one with the chopped top.
I know some of you are burdened with snow. Please keep them in the garage.
Another phaeton came up for sale this week.
I love Woodies and this 39 was an outstanding example.
Classic Lil’John in pure white. He was always the innovator..
The Beach Cruiser show is always a fun day for Woodie lovers.
A beautiful example of shoebox station wagon.
Seldom seen, but very nice is this 29 Phaeton.

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