Thanksgiving Week

Each year we spend the week in San Francisco with our children and this year is special as we are about to become grandparents for the first time.  My son and his wife are expecting their first child in December and we are really excited.

My weekend was filled with car activity at the LA Auto Show.  I have been attending this show for over 30 years and always enjoy the cars but the walking is getting harder and harder.  I saw one hot rod at the show and it was Edsel Ford’s 34 speedster that has been all restored and it gorgeous.  Jane sat in ever car she could as we need to purchase a high gas mileage vehicle next year.  Gas is expected to reach $4.50/gal by Easter and I don’t want to stop driving to San Francisco.  We finally came home late in the evening and had a wonderful time at the new car show.

This will be the last post for the week and maybe I can take some photos of cars while I am away.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.


Happy Thanksgiving 



Stay Tooned!


Just when you have given up on locating your dream hiboy 33 roadster one shows up. These are rare birds today.  Richard Lacy has one like this only it is a 1934 that he purchased from the late Don Thelan.

How low can you go?  This 46 convert is really on the ground and smoothed out. Note the bumpers have been moved in.

The model 40 5 window is the least desirable in some folks mind but I like them when hammered like this one.

The 39 tub looks really good as an early custom with skirts and tail dragging stance. Bob O wants one now.

I know Steve has seen this one on the HAMB and wonders why he can’t find his 40 in an old dirt floor garage that has not moved in 40 years.  Yes, they are still being located.  The price of $28K seems cheap to me.

Thanks to some wonderful people Tom Medley’s 40 coupe is being brought back from the fire. I don’t know how bad the sheet metal was warped but it doesn’t look too bad in this photo.

That is Randy of Hot Rods and Custom Stuff doing some heavy lifting to put the coupe on a rolling chassis for repair. This coupe came from the late Dave Enmark of Super Bell and was rust free.  I can’t wait to see this one put back together for Tom. SRM will do a full story on the resurrection of the Medley coupe.

Here is the result of 3 hours of hand stripping Andre. I have it all down to bare metal now but this shows how the stipper works without doing any harm to the precious metal.

The axle did not fit the spring centers so I had to elongate the hole on the axle pads. I may change the pads later on.

I had to move the centering hole over 1/4 inch for now.

Here is famous history car that my friend Jack owned for many years in Detroit.  He won numerous awards and finally sold it to the current owner.  As with most collectable history cars, this one comes with documented papers and it located right here in California.  If you have an interest in acquiring this wonderful vicky let me know and I will put you in touch with the owner.  The owner can tell you details of the long history of the car with work done by Dick Dean when he was in Michigan.

Today’s 1934 speedster….dreaming!

I first saw this car at the 75th Deuce showing in Pomona and now at the LA Auto Show.  The sign stated this was the original color and full restoration to the design of Edsel.


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