Testing Photo Time

I am working on my new site design and while not a drastic change there will be some drop down boxes for you to look at my project Sedan Delivery build (Andre) and a couple more.  I plan to offer some unique parts for Deuces and Forties as well as some wearables.  Don’t worry, you only will see these items if you select the drop down boxes.  In the meantime here are a few photos for you.

Stay Tooned!


I asked the builder how much the car was chopped and he told me 2 inches.  I like it with the minimal chop.  The signs on the door are  magnetic and the owner lives in Sweden.  Pete’s should be done by this summer.  I can’t wait.  See the HAMB for full details.

From that same thread, here is a sedan with fenders which will make Gary happy.  I need to find one like this and leave it alone.  Picture from the HAMB.

I have been really focused on Andre and Bobo stopped by to check out my progress. I love his roadster and so does Ruby.  She thinks he is a little small for her.

I was not expecting the frame to be bad under the body but here is what I had to replace.  Nothing major but time consuming to cut out and replace.  The rest of the chassis is in great shape and no rust.

I finally removed the center crossmember and installed the new top plate.  I am a patient man but I don’t want to do one of these again anytime soon.

Monday’s Deuce

Our Swedish friends know how to build hot rods that I like.

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