Test Project

I have the new format almost completed and I should make my target date of February 1, 2012. I am adding a few photos today of Andre’s chassis which I have been working on this year.

Stay Tooned!


The 350 fits in the stock x member with some notching for the pan.

Everything bolts together for a nice solid x-member.  Magnum is the supplier of these parts.

Finally, the chassis is completed and ready for the blaster and powder coating.  Somethings take me a long time but I eventually get them done


Sub-assemblies are completed and also ready for the powdercoater.  Magnum is the supplier of the parts.

Bob-O changed his outside headers to the block hugger style so he could add some side panels to his cool roadster.  I like it.

Terry changed the engine to reflect his taste in completing Lucy.

He also painted the dash and steering wheel in addition to chrome plating the column.  Note the wiring has been started.

 Today’s favorite!

Joe and his buddy are headed out for the day hoping to find someone to race or some pretty girls who need a ride.






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