Tech Tuesday

Toppers was not to exciting today. The gang was small and the discussion was about the “American Hot Rod” show of Boyds and his adventures at Bonneville. Boyd and the crew buried the Motorhome and several tow trucks trying to recover the roadster that Jo spun out at 180 mph. The pictures are great and you can see them on “American Hot Rod” in the future episodes.

The weather has cooled some so I am working on the top framing for my roadster. Bob has been helping me, but the progress is slow. I hope by this weekend to have it all welded and ready for paint.

Here are some photos.


Stay Tooned!


Rear top tubing, 3/4 .060 cold roll tubing bent with conduit bender.


Side top close up of cut made to close gap, tig welded to improve strength.


Freshly stripped 33 Ford hood sides…in excellent condition. $$$$ don’t ask!


Hood tops in O.K. shape, but will require some work with the hammer and dolly prior to paint.


1939 Banjo wheel in process of being restored to fit the roadster column utilizing stock horn button.

Sneak Peek


Pinkee’s Rod Shop 32’s, this fellow used to work for GM when I was there. Super work and detail.

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