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I had hoped to show you some photos of the new Quick Change and my 32 roadster project, but the doctor told me I had a hernia and it must be repaired on Monday. Consequently, I can’t lift anything or go pick up the parts, so I will show you some problems with the reproduction Brookville bodies and frames. The Brookville body is the best, but unless you fit it to your frame you could end up with a large gap between the gas tank and the body. I notice that many builders have run a pan above the gas tank to solve the problem. In my opinion, this looks wrong and should not be done. The correct way to fix the problem is to pie cut the rails and move them up, or build the body on the frame. Here are some photos of two similar Brizio built hiboys that shows the gap. I have not tried my body on the frame, but I will correct it before welding up the frame if necessary.

Have a look!

I may be out of commission for a while but stay tuned for more great photos and BS.



Notice the small gap between the gas tank and the body. This is Wescott body with a Brizio frame.


Notice the larger gap with the Brookville body and Brizio frame.


Front view of cars built by Brizio for the same customer over a period of years. The glass car is now owned by a fellow from Oregon.


Very nice detail work on the floor, dash and steering column in this 34 coupe.


Wonderful designed dash in this SO-CAL built 32. I love the gauges, pedals and steering column.

Sneak Peek


Beautiful Brizio built hiboys at Fathers Day 2007

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