Super Monday

I have a new site now which should be easier to operate and some new pages for “For Sale” cars and my projects.  I hope everyone is over the Super Bowl hype and ready to go back in the garage and prepare the hot rod for the spring events.  I picked the Giants and was holding my breath for the last few minutes of the game.  I was really hoping that SF 49r’s would be in the big game but it wasn’t their time.  The cars I will feature will be cars that I really can relate to and some just for fun to see how the world of hot rods has evolved into a mega buck hobby that has attracted some real high rollers.  I like all kinds of cars but lean heavily toward the traditional style.  I plan to limit my updates to three times a week (M,W,F) but that is subject to change as I receive material from my viewers.  I am working everyday I can on Andre so I added a Project Page to keep you informed. The For Sale page is limited to cars that I know about as I only offer good cars and know their history or owner.  A separate page will allow the car to be seen each time you view the site as opposed to doing a search.  The search feature is simply Google so it is straight forward. I am looking forward to a fantastic New Year full of great cars and events on the West Coast.

Stay Tooned!


I do like  5 window coupes and there were several excellent examples in the show.  Black and green ones were looking good in the Driven Deuces display.  The black one is a local car and shows up at several area events.  The car has a long history with its owner and was built by SO-CAL Speed Shop in Pomona.

Terry has Lucy up and running along with a maiden voyage.  I love the look with the bias tires and black wheels.

I think this angle looks good even with the tank hanging out like a Deuce.  Terry has chromed the tail light stands.

I spent a lot of time and money getting the Halibrand ready for the street and I am pleased he left it in the car.  This is the Champ model with early Ford bells.  Timeless.

Pete had both of his roadsters in the show.  Built for speed both cars are a part of history in Southern California.

Building 9 contained some real high end Deuces such as this Hot Rod Garage built 3 window.  This car was stolen and recovered during last year’s season.

Steve Moal has just completed this super slick 55 Ford for actor, comedian Tim Allen.  A Very subtle build for the Moal shop but is perfect everywhere you look.

Steve also built this 36 roadster for Eric and the crowds were heavy around this beauty all weekend.  Eric has had a few of these special cars built by Moal’s of Oakland.  Most of the car is hand formed.

Saturday was open to outside parking and this little 3 window caught my eye as I was eating ice cream cone.  Wire wheels are beginning to show up on more early cars than in recent years.

I tend to look at this style of car to see how the real deal early rods were constructed.  Believe it or not there were tow of these cars parked next to each other.

Today’s Favorite

You don’t see a lot of 1935 cab’s around but this one was special and had a perfect color choice and stance.

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  7. Glad to see you back, Lynn. The site update is very nice and I especially like the “For Sale” section. Many of the nice cars built and driven on your side of the continent seem to trade hands locally so it’s nice to have a go-to source for cars which we grain belt folks wouldn’t otherwise know of.


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