Super Monday

The big game proved to be a winner for me! I hope you have all recovered and are ready for your next favorite sport to start. Football, Tennis and Golf are my three favorite sports to watch on the TV while working in the garage. As long as I don’t sit down to watch the entire event, I can actually accomplish my goals for the day. Congratulations to the Broncos (24 -10) for putting their #1 defense to work and stopping Cam.

I am looking forward to our “Back Road Boys” trip to Ojai on Tuesday. The first one of the year is always one of the better trips as we haven’t seen each other recently. It gives us a chance to catch up on the latest in each others life and talk about where we are going next month. The 80+ temperatures should bring out the roadsters for topless cruising in the back roads. Ojai is a high end little town about 40 miles from our starting point with some beautiful scenery along the way. The quaint downtown area provides some nice shops with something for everyone. Enjoying life in a Hot Rod is one of lives best roads you can take —at any age. I just passed my drivers license test so I am good for another 5 years which means I will be 80. I certainly hope to be on the road for that long so that I can continue driving the “Back Roads” with my friends, some of who are over 80.

Thought for today — Old memories are wonderful— but making new ones will be even more memorable. As Chevrolet states “Find New Roads!”

Stay Tooned!




Our meeting place allows for a quick cup of coffee and a short driver’s meeting.


We have a couple of planned stops along the way for viewing the magnificent topography.


Photos of our good times keep memories alive for years to come.


Sometimes we meet up with the Central Coast Roadsters for a luncheon and bench racing session.


Ojai is nestled in the valley of the mountains with snow capped peaks.


Having dessert at the Ojai Ice Cream store is a given for our ladies and men. Maybe a sip or two of wine might be in order also.


Following Niguel in his Brizio built roadster provides a nice view along side the Spanish architecture of the town.


This looks like a fun Hot Rod to me. Four doors and a really clean build.


It seems Gary at Cornhusker built the copper colored sedan I featured a few days ago. He has built most sedans that I like.


My old Winters QC showed up under Bobby’s Deuce sedan which is now on Spuds. Notice straight crossmember.


Time to roll it out and have a better view of the profile — Perfect!


Sometimes I wish I would have kept all the chassis I have built but lack of space becomes a problem. This one is still in someones garage waiting for assembly.


The rare 34 Tub is looking good  and ready for some “Topless” cruising.

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