Super Bowl Monday – Nopeat

Many in the US were glued to their TV’s for the exciting Super Bowl 49 game. Being from the West, the Seahawks were who we were cheering for and they lost in the last few seconds. Too bad, but it was a great Super Bowl game between two champions.

I seemed to be still thinking about Deuces and Forties as my mail box is full of these two iconic hot rods. As you know, I prefer the model 40 roadster to the Deuce but I am one of the few so I receive very few photos of the model 40 roadsters. I guess that is the way it is in today’s world. For your Forty lovers, here is vendor who supplied the shirts.

Shirts –


Give him a call if you would like to purchase any of the items. You won’t be disappointed.

I will make it short tonight and just feature some nice photos.

Stay Tooned!




Sometimes I receive photos of a really pristine car and this 40 coupe is one of them. This photo proves that “less is more” when doing a 40 coupe. Mild lowering and straight sheet metal make this 40 perfect in my eyes. Jim, from Sun River, OR, is the owner. He is also building a Deuce 5 window which will puts him in the Deuces and Forties club.


Nigel is taking his Brizio built hiboy on our “Back Road Boys” trip tomorrow. He is Eric Clapton’s road manager and keeper of some of the cars. This one is his.


Nigel has the top installed for those early morning runs but the Bop Top is quickly removed and stored in the trunk.


Some of us part with our dreams and soon want another roadster in the garage. The new owner added the $$$$ wheels and tires for a different and popular look on today’s roadsters. You can buy a new Brookville body for what these wheels and tires cost.


The “Skinny Tire” look is popular and I like the look but not the price. Nice car.


I wish my garage looked like this and had that roadster for our trip. Jane would love the floor.


Larry and I looked over this real deal in the parking lot and wondered who owned the nice roadster. Excelsior tires are showing up on a lot  of cars since they provide a much better and safer ride than the bias belt Firestones.


Here is a better photo of the Brizio built Munford coupe. The maroon color and Cadillac theme were all perfect for the car. John now has 10 Deuce 3 windows in his vast collection.


I can’t wait to see what color Darryl paints his new roadster built by Cory and Dan. Terry didn’t know at the GNRS.

Monday’s Deuce Trucks


My friend Larry is building a Deuce pickup so I thought I would give him some inspiration during the cold Detroit winters. I have been following this one on the HAMB and the owner is doing an expert job on the build.


Gary is also building another Deuce pickup after selling this one. He loves the trucks.


I think he uses new MAC beds on his builds. Most originals are normally in bad shape. Gary, you got the proportions right on this one.


I even like the full fendered look on these little trucks.


Dan, of Poor Boys Hot Rods, has one of the nicest trucks around the LA area. This shows the stock height cab which is required for taller drivers.


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