Stay at Home

California is a “Stay at Home” state due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are heading into week three and may have 12 weeks more confinement. This presents lots of opportunities to work on my projects and dreaming of my last build. Our weather has not been cooperative with lots of rain and cold temperatures so I have been non-productive.

A break in the weather is promised next week and I plan to go to work on the new rear nine inch rear axle and 350 transmission installation. I will take photos of the installation and post it in a future blog. The time planned for the conversion is 30 days weather permitting, although I’m in no hurry since most events have been cancelled.

Major and local events being canceled and or postponed is a concern for most of us who like to attend these events. The promoters and vendors are also in a limbo of what to do until we have this Pandemic solved. Maybe we will have a great car show in October. Staying safe is the most important thing we can do during these unprecedented times.

Enjoy the photos and if you have some projects going send me some photos to post on Pewsplace. I like technical data with photos.

Stay Tooned!


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