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We all have entered into a project thinking what fun it would be to build a car instead of buying someone else’s. I have always preferred to build my own Hot Rods due to my father teaching me the skills required to do so. He could make anything and was a good teacher. Also It was much cheaper to build than purchase. This is not true in today’s climate of expensive labor costs, paint jobs and upholstery. What is tempting is unfinished projects that come up almost daily on the internet sites. I spend a lot of time looking for started projects that are a bargain. Recovering your investment is really difficult to do if you just recently started a project. On a rare occasion, some owners have owned their cars for years and don’t have that much invested in the project. For example, if you purchased your Deuce ┬ásedan for $800 in 1975 you are probably have a good chance of recovering your investment. My friend Dave purchased his Deuce 3-window for $300 back in the day.

Hearing about an abandoned project usually comes from the morning coffee shops or luncheons I attend. Word of mouth usually becomes wide-spread within a week or so. And being the first with the cash in hand gets the sweet deal. They turn around and simply flip them and move on or build them and resell them later on. I have purchased a few cars to resell but not many. I always have big dreams of completing them and having some fun driving them. I am very fortunate to have a good friend who lets me be the caretaker of some of his cars. I in turn, work on them and bring them into a ready to drive position. I enjoy working on cars and diagnosing the problems associated with Hot Rods. Some cars in our area change garages three and four times or more over a short period of time. If you really want a certain one then follow it until it became available at a price you can afford. They always seem to sell for less after changing hands several times.

Could there be a certain project you have your eye on in your area?

Stay Tooned!


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I found this 33 sedan a few years ago and it was just what I was looking for in a project.

The chassis was clean with P&J components and quality construction and welding.

The rear was hung on coil overs and ladder bars.

I followed this one for years on the HAMB and most recently became available after the new owner wanted something else.

The body has become available and would make a good start to a project Phaeton.

I love woodie projects like this one. The wood is the deal killer on these wagons.

My first Woodie project was a good find.

Bill finished for his son and they still have the Woodie.

I purchased this project from Frank Brown and loved it.

The third owner changed it to the FJ look.

Drove this one for along time just like this. Lost track of the car.

I sold this project to Terry when I lost interest.

Terry finished it prior to selling it to a new owner who sold it again to Ray.

I followed this one on the HAMB and Jim purchased it for his project Tub.

Jim sold it and the new owner had it in a different form in Columbus this week.


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