Spring Break is Over

Spring break was a fun time with the family. We enjoyed the beautiful Lake Tahoe area and the Northstar Resort. It is always good to be back home in your own bed and a quick view of your Hot Rod in the garage. Today’s blog is a series of photos from my files of Hot Rods that I like the most. If you follow my site you know that Deuces, Model 40’s, Forties and 46-48 Fords are my favorite. These style Hot Rods are fast disappearing from our local shows and only show up at the big LARS which is coming up real soon.

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, the show is now leased to John Buck who will be managing the show for the LARS members. The big news is that roadster owners will now have to pay $50 to enter the show. This is a first for the roadster owners but necessary to cover the increased cost of producing the show. This doesn’t bother me as I would go no matter what it cost as long as the roadsters all show up. I am sure some complaining will take place as in most changes, but I certainly hope $50 doesn’t stop anyone from bringing their roadster to the show. I look foreword to John’s leadership as he has a proven track record with the Fairplex and the GNRS.

I am headed to the Huntington Beach Cruiser show on Saturday.

Stay Tooned!



click on photo for a larger image

I never grow tired of looking at the chopped 3-window.

Les posted this beauty at the LSRU and I fell in love, again! There is something about a naked sedan that really gets to me.

Lucy has a nice rear end with the Halibrand and Buick drums exposed for all the world to see.

A young man and his father built this nice 34 hiboy roadster using all vintage parts.

Greg is all lined up ready to head for TX but his dog wants to go along. Just look at that face saying, “take me along!”

When you drive them you have the opportunity to view the countryside.

Duvall looks good on the 34 hiboy.

The Duvall looks equally as good on a Deuce hiboy.

Dreaming about the Next one!

My friend Dave has an old Deuce chassis in his yard that could be built into something like this one. Add the Industrial Chassis legs and you are ready to go. His has had the center section cut out but you need to do that anyway with a automatic.

I prefer the model 40 chassis for the extra wheelbase and the body style of the roadster. I am looking for another stock chassis in good shape.

Using a stock chassis and making it like this one would be a look I love. No Frills!!

Add a FG body to the stock chassis and make it a Hot Rod!!!

Project cars at 76 are still possible but not probable.

Finding them is the fun part for me. Finishing them is not my forte.

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