Spring Break

Every year since college my family has enjoyed Spring Break by going skiing in the mountains. I will be dormant for the rest of the week.

Jane and I attended the Huntington Beach Cruiser Woodies show and had a great time with our gang. The weather was a little rainy on the trip down but cleared up nicely. The attendance was down due to the rain but still lots of cars to view and photograph. This show is always one of our favorites to attend. Lots of great stores and surfers.

I have included some photos for your viewing.

For Sale in the For Sale Section
Beachcruiser Saturday in Huntington Beach.
Two great places to eat.
Squid’s perfect 46 Woodie.
Top shelf 37.
I liked the whitewalls.
Cordoba Tan 36 was also very nice.
A deep green was the color on this 40 deluxe.
The panel was looking good hauling surfboards to the beach.
Nomads were carrying surfboards also.
The late Larry’s 3w was looking very black at the show. Mile deep paint.
I didn’t see the surfboard but who cares. One nice 3W. RIP
Dale will be ready for the TROG and Beach Cruiser event next year.
Huntington Beach is the Surf Capital in Los Angeles.
Danny Burroughs has these two beauties for sale. See his FB page.
I need to stop by Roys and see this 39 being transformed by the Team Brizio.

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