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I love Halloween with all the little children going from house to house collecting their goodies. We always have lots of children in our area and I greet all of them with a welcome smile and some treats. I am sure mom doesn’t let them eat all of the candy they receive just as Jane doesn’t tell me where the candy is, until she brings it out just prior to dark. I hope you enjoy your evening with the children and some older children.

I am on the mend and have my first follow up appointment on Wednesday. I should be starting therapy also this week but in the meantime I have been studying up on rebuilding the engine. My normal shop owner has passed and I now need a new shop to do the work on the motor. I don’t think it needs much except I would put new bearings, rings and check the rod in #7. I would like to repaint the block and clean up the engine compartment which is a little dirty from all the driving I do. I admire the people who have spotless engine compartments but I know they don’t drive them much. I will do a better job of keeping up the cleaning now that I have a repaired knee.

As with any old Hot Rodder, I am always thinking about a new project or Hot Rod. Over the years and through countless Hot Rods, I have always loved the later convertibles. I am particularly attracted to the 39-48 Fords and lately become interested in the 49-51 shoeboxes. Yes, I have moved across 48th street in my thinking about a new Hot Rod. Availability and initial project cost is about half of the price of earlier Fords but the finished product seems to be priced about the same 1940 Fords ($40-50K). The cost to have one built is the same as any other model, as it is simply time and material in most shops — no quoted final price. Again, the price of entry is the key to keeping the build cost down to your budget.

I have owned several 40’s and 48’s over the years and found them very drivable Hot Rods. They were very comfortable for the long haul trips my wife and I have taken. I have never owned a shoebox but always admired them from my high school days. Alloway’s black beauty is the one that really started me thinking about these boxes from my past. He always seems to capture my heart whether with a flamed AMBR 33 roadster or a shoebox.

Winter is the time for a new project in your shop.

Stay Tooned


click on photo for a larger image


A little racy for Pewsplace, but I liked it.


Louie captured Lil John’s old 46 Ford convertible which has major body modifications. Note 42 grille and radiuses wheel wells.


 The car was finished after his death and is a show stopper.


A rare 42 rag is looking good. Low is correct on these large models.


SAR built one of the best Fat Girls in recent years. Subtle changes and excellent craftsmanship made it a winner.


I saw this several times in P-Town and loved it. Sids interior and top.


Most of the 46-48 Fords I see are Maroon which was a popular color. I loved the Pheasant Red color the best after yellow.


A Craiglist find for $6K for a running driver with very little rust was a real buy. Went to Australia a couple of years ago.


a mild custom with bags is a new look but also was popular in the 50’s.


Here is the look in the 50’s without bags.


The stock look needs a Hot Rod touch but not much. Maybe a bull nose and lowered.


I located this 51 project on Craigslist which looks solid but my knee will keep me away for a while. Carson style top.


I saw this top being fabricated on one of my tours last summer. I think I would stick to the stock irons and height.


I saw Bob Adman’s 49 at the LARS and fell in love with his rag. I like this style the best of all.


Alloway’s 49 really starting a lot of people thinking about moving across 49th street.


Jim has seen the light and built this very clean 50 with a great license plate — ZZ4!


Note the 50 had exposed trunk hinges and the 51 had hidden hinges.


The custom look was popular in my day but I haven’t seen many at shows I attend.


If you don’t like rag tops then how about a sedan 50 style.


I could become used to one like this.


Mike had this one but I could have owned it but passed due to the flathead. A long time black plate car from Newport Beach. Mike has sold it now and I don’t know where it is now. It was a real solid 46 convertible with no rust.


Lowered with a dropped axle and 15″ tires.


Nothing fancy inside but a great driver.


Bobby can build flatheads and this 3/8 x 3/8 combined with LZ gears put you at 80 mph is a short stretch.


Here is another one that got away. Alan built a beautiful 48 rag with a 2″ chop.


I love this angle of his beautiful convertible.

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