Speed Week

This weekend hosts races at El Mirage and the NHRA Finals. Both events attract spectators who enjoy the “Need for Speed” I talked about on Monday’s Blog. I have friends that are participants in both events and take their racing very seriously. GMC was a major sponsor for NHRA during my working days and we supplied all the trucks for the events and staff. In exchange, we received box seats at the events. I took advantage of this perk for many years and enjoyed the races (drags). Racing is an expensive sport for the participants and for the spectators. Tickets, collectables, food and drink can consume lots of cash at any race track. I haven’t been in several years and normally watch them on TV. There is nothing like sitting at the starting line with ear plugs in place and eye protectors for the fuel burn outs to make you want to jump behind the wheel of your hot rod on the way home and do a burn out or two. A Hot Rod without a powerful engine is just not a Hot Rod to me.

The same goes for the exhaust system on your Hot Rod. If it is too quiet, I think I am driving my new Escalade. Sounds of a healthy motor when the engine fires is the first thing I notice when viewing the owner leaving. I am not talking about full out straight pipes but that deep throaty sound of Porters (flatheads) or Magnaflows (for later cars). You know what I’m talking about. New Ford Mustangs have the best sounding exhaust system of any of the new cars. My neighbor has a new Saleen Mustang that has a killer exhaust system that shakes my house when it passes by. The SEMA Show, which is also running this week, has lots of exotic systems on display and plenty of salespeople to tell you their story. I used to spend hours roaming the aisles talking to the various manufacturers about the products they offer. The accessories aftermarket for cars and trucks is a multi-million dollar industry and continues to grow even with all the government intervention concerning the environment. If you have never attended the function put it on your bucket list and you won’t be sorry.

Put some money in your pocket and take a youngster to the races this weekend. You will have the time of your life – if you are a Hot Rodder.

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I don’t have any drag racing or LSR photos so I will show you what you could drive to the races as a spectator. Has a racy look to me. With the PI reproduction bodies we should see a lot of these next year.

If you are more conservative then this 34 sedan would look good in the parking lot. Are these better looking than a Deuce?

If you have a couple of kids then you will need this sedan for the trip to Pomona.

When you open the hood the spectators will know you are a Hot Rodder. Beautiful!

There will be plenty of these in attendance. Is that Jim standing in front of the hiboy?

You won’t see many of these this weekend but I sure like them. This one has outside hinges and looks ready to race.

I would call this ultimate Flathead motor for racing. You can’t spend any more money on a flathead than this example of Mega Bucks.

Here is the Mega motor for you overhead valve fans. Kaase produces some serious HP for you racers with a “Need for Speed”.

Speed Week Ready!

This is the closest roadster I could find in my files that looks race ready.

A push bar makes it easier for the tow car to push the roadster to the starting line.


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  2. would love to know how they’ve mounted the interior mirror onto that duvall screen… i need to do the same to my roadster. love your web-site by the way, i’ve spent a bit of time going through your latest posts. keep up the great work!

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