SEMA is this coming week and for years I spent the entire week there with my team and salesman. There is nothing like the SEMA Show — Period! If you love performance autos then this is the place to be. A week long extravaganza that will wear you and your shoes out from all the required walking to see all the entries. It is known as the social event of the year for many of us who have participated and attended over the years. The growth has been phenomenal over the years and continues to amaze the SEMA organization. I have not attended for several years but only because I can’t walk those buildings anymore. Street Rod Alley is full of manufacturers and familiar faces that we see at all the major events. Goodguys, NSRA, Walker and Edelbrock to name a few. Premier showing of fabulous automobiles and Hot Rods attract thousands of spectators. Private showings and suite cocktail parties make the week go by fast. The Street Rod Banquet is the highlight for many with the prestigious Person of the Year Award. Many of my friends are in Las Vegas prior to the show to enjoy all the Strip has to offer.

I will have some current photos for you next week as will Facebook. I will make it again one of these years, but not this year. As we head into the holidays, all of us will be busy with family and friends but I will try to get back to my three posts per week schedule. The new MacBook Pro is doing a great job and once I learn all I need to know about my website procedure, I should be good to go. Time passes by quickly during this season so make the most of it by putting your family and friends first. Since most people know you— they will ask about your Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!



click on photo for a larger image

Jerry Kilberg has his long term project Tub is finally starting to take shape in WI. A Buick engine with a parallel leaf rear is something you don’t see everyday. Nice!

Henry from Steadfast built this show stopper sedan that still does it for me. The roadster also is a keeper.

Ray had this fall photo shoot of his roadster and it stands out with a nice background.

A trio of nice model 40 coupes, each a little different, shows build styles that I like.

The 5-window also makes a nice hiboy coupe.

My friend just sold his roadster and is building a 33 three-window(not this one) for hisself. He is 76 years old and still building Hot Rods. Congrats to Bob!

I always thought this was the style I would prefer for my Deuce. High School Hot Rod with no frills but a bad boy engine and three pedals.

Dennis and Boyd are all smiles after winning the AMBR was in Oakland in 1992. Dennis has owned the car for many years and drives it across country.

Dennis had Boyd finish he project for the AMBR show.


I am still favoring the 1940 Woodie as my favorite Woodie. I could live with the Halibrands.

A chopped 34 Tudor sedan makes a very attractive Hot Rod.


Building a Carson Style top is no easy task. Lots of templates and trail and error involved.


Add fenders and a top to a 33 hiboy roadster and you have a new look!

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  1. Hello Lynn, just to make you feel better our temp today was 41* and it was spitting snow. I guess Fall & Winter did not forget about us after all. The reason I am contacting you is that I heard this weekend that Bob Bauder had passed and I was not aware of that. He grew up in the New Castle area and left for sunny California just about as soon as he graduated. Is there a newspaper site that I could check on and look up his obit?? Thank you for your help. There was nothing in the local newspapers about this. We kind of lost contact with him after the move to CA. Thank you for your help!! Best Regards My Friend, Dale

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