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I was excited to hear that Brookville had teamed up with JHRS and Foose to bring to market a Tudor Tub that should reignite some interest back into the “Iconic” Deuce body styles. Granted, Henry never produced a tudor version of the phaeton but over the years several attempts have been made at taking sedans and building one. The main problem with the sean is the doors. Keeping the proportions correct is something that takes a Foose or Taylor to make it look correct. Boyd built the best example in my mind when he built Bob Kolmos’s school bus yellow winner. I fell in love with that the first time I saw it at Boyds. As I recall, the door length was a problem on the first go around, so Boyd shortened them to make it look right.

Brookville has solved the door problem by using the three-window door to provide plenty of access to the interior and yet still maintain the correct proportions. The back of the Tub is from their RPU with a 3 window lip on the bottom. The front cowl is made by combining the lower section of the three-window with the roadster cowl top. It all works for me and looking at the Foose sketches — really looks good. Will the market react to something new over the traditional roadster body. Time will tell — but my gut feeling is they will snap up these limited addition  Phaetons like they did the RPU’s. The Deuce will always have a following as long as some of us are still kicking that grew up with the one and only Deuce.

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image


Here is the new sensation from Brookville — Limited Edition of 32 Phaetons.


Prices start at $35,000.


Here is a look at the new body with the three-window doors.


The interior shows the nice door post work and wheel wells.


This looks like a three-window rear reveal added to the RPU rear.


The Foose illustration of a hi-boy version is the look I prefer.


Chip also did a full fendered model which has some real class.


A recent transition of the sedan into a tudor looked very nice to me


The doors have been reworked but are the stock length.


Reworking the top section of the sedan by making a rolled edge requires some talent and Jeb has that talent.


I have been following this build for a couple of years when attending the Early Times run starting at Richard’s Garage.


Not sure if this one is steel but it has a good look for a Tub.


Boyd built Bob’s with perfect proportions in my mind. The car is still in top condition after thousands of road miles.


Boyd talked Bob into the front suspension  and it worked great.


Being a racer, Bob stuck with the Halibrand rather than the Boyd independent.


When you look at the rear of a normal Phaeton you can see where Brookville gave it the Murray body rolled reveal.


Wescott had a perfect Phaeton body but hasn’t produced any in a long time. I owned three of these and loved them.


I show how they look when finished and what’s not to like!!


Here is my old one I traded a 40 convert to Steve for his beauty. Note luggage rack. (80’s)

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