Sedan deliveries

For those of you who follow my blog you know I love sedan deliveries. My first was a mint 34, purchased from the original owner for $500. I sold it to Paul Hatton in Detroit and he called it his Desert delivery. I continued my fondness for deliveries and have over 10 40/1 over the years. After seeing Tim Holt’s 46 and Morland’s 46, I purchase a couple 46’s o build

Sold to Vic Edelbrock
This how it all started for me and sedan celeries.
Tim Holts was a straight place beauty.
My 46 sold several times and is in good hands.
My last oe “PePe now belongs in Jim’s garage amoung his stable of fine hot rods.
My $500 special now offered 75K since he passed.
My friend George built a Jumbo Wheel Salesman’s delivery. My favorite sedan delivery.

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