Season’s Change

As summer ends and autumn begins, I can’t help think about the changing of tree colors when living in New England. The beauty of the drive in the White Mountains in a roadster or Woody Wagon really made it a special season for my family. The winters are brutal but the autumn months are absolutely magnificent. We always liked the maple syrup stands and seeing the trees being tapped. The Woody was a perfect vehicle for the family sitting along side some beautiful trees with changing leaves from green to an orange brown color. The Woody wood sort of blended in with the leaves which were both on the trees and the ground.

Woodies were popular with many people who had summer homes in New England. Many of them were left at the beach house or lake house and only used when the family came to visit. We used to see them often in the resort areas. I had not yet had the desire to own one, that would come upon moving to California. I would often talk to the owners and ask them how they held up in the rain and exposure to sunlight. Their response was — “Not very well” which was what I suspected looking at some of the wood on the wagons. I was still heavy into Deuces but always kept a Woody Wagon in the back of my mind. I still have that same desire on my bucket list and perhaps I still may the opportunity to own one in the future. As a little girl, my daughter loved the Woody Wagons! Now a full grown lady, she still has the same affection for those old Woody Wagons.

Regardless of the Hot Rod you drive, take time to drive through the trees and mountains and enjoy the changing seasons. It will just be special if you own a Woody.

Stay Tooned!


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My daughter has grown up but still likes to ride in the WoodyWagons.


Leaves are falling and the Woodies are headed to the Cider & donuts in Farmington, MI.


Big Bear Lake has a special look in the fall, but our greenery is deciduous year round.


Max has his cabin at Lake Arrowhead where he is enjoying the fall days.


O.K., so you don’t have a Woody Wagon but a super 3-window to drive. I think that is acceptable, how about you!


Cory was busy building Daryl’s AMBR in the MI autumn weather. He and Ashley probably drove their black beauty to Farmington.


Sometime the winter months start early in the mountains.


Some famous people also drove their Woodies to the mountains for some beautiful scenery.


My friend Bill from Nova Scotia found this 40 that had been stored in the area for many years. A summer vehicle for the privileged from Boston.


Bill has a nice 47 wagon along with the 40 in his neat garage. The 40 has been sold.

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