Seasonal Driving in Hot Rods

The various seasons across the US provides some great opportunities to take pictures of your Ride. Most people put their cars away for the winter months but some do venture out for a ride — weather permitting. Many tours are being planned to attend the LARS and other events which will travel through some changing climates as you head west. Roadster drivers who go topless require some good driving gloves and vests to keep them warm when they cross over the mountains. Driving in inclement weather can be difficult even in a closed car but an open cockpit really requires a strong will to “Go Topless.” Rain can cause extreme dangers due to slippery roads and light weight Hot Rods. Be sure to plan ahead for your trip and take routes that are less likely to experience  bad weather.

The photos today are from viewers who took their Hot Rods out in the weather to photograph them. Fall and winter photos are the best showing turning leafs and snow in the background. If you have any to contribute send them to me and I will include them in a future blog. I also like garage photos showing work in progress and completed rods. It is football day today so I will be short.

Enjoy the games and congratulations to the Steelers who pulled it off!



Stay Tooned!





Tim lives in Prescott, AZ and pulled his woody out for this spectacular photo.


Another nice photo of a Hot Rod Sportsman enjoying the fall months waiting for the snow to arrive.

Genes roadster in snow 002

Driveway shoveled so the roadster can be moved out for a photo shoot.


A flamed 40 sitting in the snow makes a super nice photo and the flames melt the snow quickly.


I love the exhaust smoke on this cold winter day.


A nice ride in the snow with no side curtains should prove to the challenge for the roadster drivers.


We don’t have any snow in our area so George stops by to show me his new 40 coupe.


Here is a better look at George’s beautiful 40 coupe.


Gary in MN loves the snow but sold his 40 convert and now has two closed Hot Rods.


Here is Cab rolled out in the snow for photo opportunity. I love the color.


Minus 7 degrees in Loveland and I am picking up Pepe to take him back to California to thaw out. Low cars are a problem loading. We managed not to hit the chin.


Boyd loved the Pacific and had this photo shot of a roadster he built for a customer. Hi-tech but very well executed design by Chip Foose. Waves were choppy but no snow!


Terry built this little coupe that ended up with Bob and he sent along a photo showing the fall leaves.


George was looking at the Rocky Mountains on one of his many road trips. Snow on the tops indicate some cold temperatures are to follow.


Enjoying life in a Hot Rod, stopping to take in the view and looking for a place for Dale to have lunch….Priceless!!!


You really have to admire a fellow who would take his roadster out in this weather. This must be a photoshop creation!

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