Saturdays Thoughts

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Can you think of a better way to spend Saturday than attending a Woody meet in San Pedro? I can’t, so I went to the Ocean this morning in a beautiful 47 Ford Woody. Walt Baynes a good friend called last night and asked if I would like to go with him. My answer, of course, was yes. We had a wonderful time and viewed some great Woodys.

This is a great weekend in LA as we have the Woody Meet, the NSRA Appreciation Day and Jim DeFranks California Car Cover. Its hard to live in a place that has multiple car events each weekend of the year. Jane my wife loves Woodys and California Car Cover so she tags along for the fun. Have a look at some of the nice cars.

The beautiful 37 Woody was all original and from Vermont. This car was even more origianl than Eric Vaughns 37. I love to see the Woody in the original form…at least for a while.


The 40 Ford Woody, Cloudmist grey, was also a very nice and a fresh car. These are my favorite Woodys.

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