Saturday’s Sun

I have been really busy this week working on Andre’s chassis so I have not posted any cars for a few days. It is now Saturday night and I am finally able to sit down and relax having accomplished a great deal this week. The weather has been really great lately so working in the garage has been fun. I open the door and let the sunshine in and weld away. I even attracted a new neighbor who just purchased a mint 74 Caddy convertible that is so long it won’t fit in his garage. Car guys are the greatest.

I am looking forward to next week and the Deuce show at the Petersen. I plan on going on Saturday for the show and seeing lots of old friends and meeting some new ones. I also have been following the Detroit Autorama and the Great 8 finalist. The show is one of the best and always draws record attendance and quality cars. This is the 60th year for the show. I know the show will miss Lobeck and his cars. I am not sure if the shop is still open but I hope it is. Sometimes when these great builders are gone the business closes soon after. The Daytona 500 is tomorrow and it should be a good one judging by today’s race.

Have a great next week and if you are at the Petersen I hope to see you there.

Stay Tooned!


My friend Bob is building a truck patterned after this one. I see lots of this style truck at the shows and have to admit I go look them over. He is using a 37 cab but it will have the same low slung look.

Bob-O has been working on his model A coupe and built this rotisserie so he could paint the chassis for a second time. He is going first class with the build now. More later on this cool high school hot rod.

This 40 sedan sits perfect for my taste. I don’t like the rear lowered to cover the white walls.

Dave visited Mike’s stash and took some photos of the several Deuces in his collection. This is just a portion of the Deuces he owns.

Deuce parts are stored in various buildings on his property. Note firewall collection. Dave counted 35 real deuce grille shells and that was in just one building.

Deuce grille shells have been collected by Deuce lovers for years. Here is a nice collection.

Bob has his roadster running and the Jaguar rear end is blowing oil out the vent in the housing. I know I had this problem with mine in the 70’s but I forgot how I fixed it. I think I extended the vent with a long tube.

How can you go wrong with a looker like this? A forty in dress blacks is a sure hit at the party.

A little 34 hiboy was hiding under the trees at this years Outriders Picnic. Very detailed and well built.

Dreams start here and sometimes take a long time to reach their destination but that is O.K. by me.

Today’s Favorite!

This beauty is in the Detroit show. Look this one up on the HAMB….CT  is the builder. Joe would like this one.

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